Market Researcher
Tulsa Oklahoma Full-Time Nov 4, 2021

About Us:
We are a full-service innovation company with the unique ability to rapidly create and transform products, brands, businesses, and causes. We are a 40+ person (and quickly growing) team of researchers, strategists, technologists, writers, designers, animators, data scientists, and engineers. 
Creativity and discipline flow into our after-work hours, too. We are muralists, marathoners, cyclists, wood-workers, moms, dads, tae-kwon-do students, calligraphers, YouTube-reviewers, florists, recovering news-reporters, cooks, and published authors.
Because we have the team to create both products and communications, our speed and impact are greatly increased. Experiences and stories are never disconnected and weakened by the typical disjuncture between the two. With us, no time or insights are lost in hand-offs or in silos between teams or companies.
Our culture is completely based on how creativity and innovation work. As a result, we unleash talented people to find better problems and solve them by generating a large quantity and diversity of ideas in a highly collaborative, no bureaucratic BS environment. 
Organizations hire us to do what they can’t, which is to help new ideas achieve escape velocity and make a difference for the company and its customers -- instead of having them succumb to the usual pulls of organizational gravity such as politics, fear, and short attention spans. We get things off the ground and build momentum in organizations and the marketplace.
In the last year,  we’ve coordinated teams across the globe to shoot documentaries and lead strategy workshops for global, billion-dollar corporations. We’ve also had a hand in many notable local projects — creating the Tulsa Flag, getting Elon Musk’s attention in a bid for a Tesla factory, naming city districts, working with local museums and fellowships. 

About the Role:
As a Market Researcher & Strategist, you will lead client discovery, perform user and buyer interviews, conduct secondary landscape research, and identify strategic opportunities for our clients. The insights you uncover will shape website messaging, software and app experiences, product branding and positioning, campaign communications, and pretty much every type of project we do. 

Location: This is a hybrid position for those already in Tulsa, OK or willing to relocate to Tulsa, OK.

We need someone who can:

Any good marketing strategy first depends on discovering insights that can only be found in the fast-moving details of the real everyday experience. Our ability to innovate for clients depends on deeply understanding the market they are in, their customers, how their company works, and the competition. This can only happen by spending time outside the office in the field exploring, observing, asking questions, and experiencing different roles first hand.

There’s no set formula for how we do research and discovery. Every project is a little bit different. Our ideal new team member will help figure out what we need to learn and dig in through online research, interviews, data analysis, surveys, and whatever else it takes to understand the market, persona, and biggest opportunities. This person keeps asking important questions to dig deeper and find the underlying insights. 

Every project is different, but what remains consistent is the need to build deep empathy with our target personas in order to create solutions that are uniquely designed for their needs. The person in this role must be able to look beyond their own perspective to see through the lens of our target audience and then share the insights that help impart this empathy to the entire team. 

“Understand deeply but explain simply” is one of our core values, and this is never more important than in our discovery process. Even the most thorough research doesn’t have much impact if we don’t clearly communicate our findings to our creative teams and clients.  We’re looking for someone who’s excited to analyze and synthesize results. They can dig through pages of interview transcripts or spreadsheets of survey data, find the most insightful details, and build slide decks that bring these insights to life. 

While discovery is our engine to innovation, taking these insights and building a strategy on top of them is just as important. To be able to do this well requires a “whole mind” approach to business. It requires balancing the ability to analyze qualitative and quantitative data with the skill to spot emerging patterns, synthesize these into a vision of possibility, and articulate it convincingly to various audiences at every level of an organization. 

A polymath is a person whose expertise and interests span a wide and diverse range of areas. This type of person has the ability to draw on this wide range of knowledge and experience to solve problems in highly unique and effective ways. You are likely analytical, curious, a question asker, a storyteller, an experimenter, a go getter, a creator. These kinds of people are often very hard to find. 

We are looking for someone who is passionate about learning for a living, that is after all 90% of the role. You will work with an amazing team of digital marketers, designers, technologists, storytellers, and stewards of the creative process. In short, you will have an incredibly fierce and committed team to help you bring ideas to life and generate results.

Day-to-day, you will likely spend your time:

  • Figuring out the best research plan and approach based on the project goals, scope, and critical questions.
  • Creating discussion guides and conducting interviews to build empathy and a deep understanding of our target audiences.
  • Building quantitative surveys, analyzing the data, and visualizing the results.
  • Conducting in-depth online research to better understand industry trends, competitive landscapes, and market opportunities.
  • Developing user and buyer personas that help internal teams and clients understand the needs, motivations, and barriers of their target audiences.
  • Bringing insights to life for internal and external teams through storytelling and data visualization.
  • Working hand in hand with product and marketing strategists to help ensure that our plans, messaging, and user experiences all stay grounded in the research insights.
  • Running discovery sessions with clients to learn more about their business goals, opportunities, and target personas.

When you join our team, we promise a few things:

  • Competitive salary
  • Technology package of your choice (including cell phone)
  • Private and collaborative workspace at one of the coolest office buildings in Tulsa
  • Excellent health and dental insurance with 99% of the employee premium paid by us
  • 401k match
  • Life insurance
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Plenty of vacation time to live your life

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community. Our company does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status.